Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre (JMRC) was founded over 20 years ago (1992) on the initiative of professor Ryszard Gryglewski, one of the most eminent Polish pharmacologists.

JMRC has been acting as non-profit organisation with the statute of foundation with its basic aim to promote development of medical sciences in Krakow and in Poland, in all fields, from molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, via genetics, physiology, immunology and pharmacology, to highly specialized clinical science and practice (mainly cardiovascular diseases). JMRC helps young, promising scientist to develop their knowledge and skills in contact with the best, worldwide known experts. To achieve this target, JMRC has been organizing – over 20 years – international scientific symposia with the lecturers of the highesr scientific rank, among them Nobel Prize Laureates (Sir John Vane, Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murad, Louis Ignarro). Several times JMRC offered special awards to young people with excellent results of research work, also fellowships enabling them to come to Krakow and to stay here to carry on their research in the best research centres. JMRC plans are to continue this activity. Since 2010 JMRC has been following its tradition of organizing scientific conferences, in collaboration with JCET . The 20th Jubilee JMRC Symposium took place in Krakow in October 2012.