20th Krakow Conference on Endothelium - 2012

After two years-break in organisation of annual JMRC Symposia JMRC Foundation organized in cooperation with Jagiellonian Centre of Experimental Therapy (JCET, see: www.jcet.eu) the meeting (within the new cycle of joint conferences)entitled „20th Krakow Conference on Endothelium, 2012” which took place on 4th October 2012 in The LifeSciencePark Building (14, Bobrzynskiego Street) and was a continuation of the tradition of JMRC Symposia, on 20th anniversary of founding of JMRC. During the meeting six lectures were presented (see the programme of the meeting) delivered by outstanding pharmacologists of whom 3 people had been the invited speakers of previous JMRC Symposia (R.Flower, P.Patrignani, R.Sprague). On that occasion a special diploma to commemorize the 20th JMRC Anniversary was handed to its founder and Honorary President, Professor Ryszard J. Gryglewski.

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