In January 2017 the founder ( in 1992)of the Foundation Jagiellonian Medical Research Centre and its Honorary President, Professor R.J.Gryglewski , was honoured with the order of White Eagle, the most eminent distinction of the Polish Government.

Professor Gryglewski was born in Wilno on 4th August 1932. He finished his medical studies, with honours, in Krakow in 1955, soon later (1958) he become a doctor and, in 1976, the professor. In 1965 he succeeded  his excellent predecessor, professor Supniewski and became the chairman of the Chair and Department of Pharmacology of the present Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow and has  been maintaining this position till 2002.

His outstanding scientific activity and research work was  connected  with his own Department and with several British centres; starting with 1959/60 – as a British Council scholar  in Edinburgh, then in London (Royal College of Surgeons scholar, visiting professor  in Kent, at Wellcome Research Laboratories, finally scientific consultant at the William Harvey Institute in London ( beginning with 1987). Many years of prof. Gryglewski’s scientific activity in England was associated with his close cooperation and friendship with Sir John Vane, the British Nobel Prize laureate in 1982.

Professor Gryglewski is no doubt one of the most eminent pharmacologists in the world and, of course, in his own country who  was not only a Master for generations of Polish pharmacologists, but also he has made Polish pharmacology widely known all over the world. Wide range of his discoveries and scientific achievements found confirmation in the fact that in 2002 he was pronounced „King of the Polish Science” as the most often cited scientist in Poland, not only in medical, but in all sciences ( over 16 000 quatations). He published approx.400 original papers , 51 retrospectives and 12 book chapters. Most of his original papers were published in the most known international scientific journals, like Nature, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, British Journal of Pharmacology and several others.

His scientific achievements were also highly estimated  abroad;  he was granted 8 honorary doctorates, became a member of Academia Europaea, Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, honorary member of several Polish and foreign scientific societies. He obtained many highly prized Polish and foreign scientific awards, and the order of Polonia Restituta (2002).

No doubt his scientific discoveries were essential for the progress of modern medicine. His work pointed  out to new perspectives in research on pharmacotherapy of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, opening  horizons for the new field of modern pharmacology; pharmacology of vascular endothelium.  It is thanks to professor Gryglewski that this field appeared and it is him who become its pioneer.